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deluxe deckchair

These sensational Deck chairs recline to a comfortable sitting or lounging position, adjusting themselves to a person's specific comfort needs.
The unique design of these Deck Chairs are a 'step-up' from traditional deckchair design in that the Chairs assist you to 'stand-up' with ease.
These versatile Deckchairs are therefore also great for the elderly people or people with bad backs.
These practical Deck Chairs are so easy to fold-up to transport or store away.

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Getting in and out of a deckchair has never been easier..

Because of the design of the deluxe deckchair, as you lean forward to get out of the deckchair, the chair tilts forward further assisting your transition from sitting to standing.

See how easy it is in the slideshow below....

Deluxe Deckchair

Grey Deckchair

The image above shows the Deluxe Deckchair and optional footstool. Can you imagine a deckchair that is easy to get in and out of. Our Deluxe Deckchair is living proof. Note the aesthetic quality of the chair and footstool.

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Deluxe Recliner

Deluxe Reclining Deckchair

Here we take the Deluxe Deckchair and add a built-in Footrest extension to craft our all-in-one Deluxe Recliner Deckchair. This model definitely oozes leisure-pleasure and relaxation.

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