The Deluxe Deckchair

This Deluxe Deckchair (pictured with optional footstool) ) also known as the leisure- pleasure deckchair is the flagship of the collection and is definitely the best deckchair design on the market today.
Unlike 'old-style' deckchairs, the unique design, allows the user to easily move from sitting up-right through to a lounging position and allows for complete ease of getting in and out of the chair. Add to this, the fact that deckchairs are foldable, stackable, portable and transportable and we have a winner.
You can leave it out and use it all year round in the garden, on the deck or patio or beside the pool or in the conservatory. It even makes a brilliant nursing chair for mother and baby.
You may choose to stack it away at times in a cupboard or wardrobe, in the shed or against the garage wall, travel with it in your motorhome or use it on your boat, slide it into the back seat of the car and take it to the beach or the BBQ.
Adding the optional footstool gives the versatility of comfort for multiple users to lie back and put their feet up, no matter what length of leg each has. And of course, if an unexpected guest arrives, then the stool doubles as a very comfortable spare seat when needed.

For the taller customer, especially those longer in the torso, Bev's design ensures that 'oh-so-comfortable' pillow sits perfectly under your head. The extra brace gives additional height.

The Broad Deluxe Deckchair

Similarly, Bev can adapt the design for those customers who prefer more room in the hip or shoulder area and therefore confidence in the strength of the chair.
By adding extra width and bracing, the customer will be confident of enjoying their relaxation sessions without any unexpected concerns.

The Deluxe Lounger

This Deluxe Lounger (pictured left) adds an extra dimension to comfort by including an in-built foot rest extension to the Deluxe Deckchair. This model reminds you to put your feet up so definitely oozes leisure-pleasure AND relaxation.

Tilting the chair forward gives ease of entry to then enjoy all other aspects of this incredible design. Bev can custom make to suit the leg length of the user (See below: Custom Recliner Deckchair).

Like all of the chairs, footstools and table in the collection, you'll be amazed how this chair folds down to a thin profile to enable the chair to take up the least possible room possible when storing in a cupboard, garage car, boat or motorhome.

The Footstool

Made from the same materials as the Deluxe Deckchair, the footstool matches perfectly with the Deluxe Deckchair and is simple and comfortable for reminding you to put your feet up. The footstool doubles as an extra comfortable seat for adults through to children when needed.
The space conscious can be comforted with the knowledge that this multi-use stool/chair folds up and takes next to no space in any storage. It is ideal to carry a few of these in the car boot with the additional tabletop for those picnic stops.

The Table

The table is a clever design taking into account the simplicity of the collection.
The solid hardwood 'tabletop' combines with the footstool by fitting perfectly on top of the footstool to create an ideal table for your collection.

Just another multi-purpose arrangement that adds to the space saving qualities of the collection with the ease of use of all of BevsChairs

The Custom Footstool/Table

Sometimes you may want to have a footstool /fold-away chair a certain height or size.
The footstool and/or tabletop may be able to be adapted to suit your particular needs.

Just let Bev know your parameters and see if she can adapt the design to suit.

See left a table adapted for boat use, which can be easily stored in the boat locker.

The Children's Collection

Why should the adults have all the fun??
Yes, thats right, we have the whole collection in a miniature version suitable for toddlers through to young ones.
These are constructed with exactly the same long-lasting materials as the adult version.


The chair is constructed from long lasting hardwood Saligna Eucalyptus grown in Northland (NZ) from renewable resources. Stainless steel fittings are used to give a quality finish including all timber parts being treated, pre construction, with a water-based oil product.
Buyers are advised to continue to oil the treatment each year if the collection is continually left out in strong sun or weather. This will assist keeping the wood in condition to last 15 to 20 years.
The welded (not stitched) UV, mould and tear resistant materials used for the slings come in 6 standard colours: Chocolate Brown, Forest Green, Black, Blue, Wheat Beige, and Slate grey.

Canvas Deckchair Material

This Broad Deluxe Deckchair (pictured left) ) Is shown with one of the custom canvas options available.

For a list of custom canvas options to match your decor, please contact Bev.


All items in the 'BevsChairs' collection come with a 12 month warranty. Because the chairs are built to last, Bev stands behind all of the products that are made and sold.
Warranty Conditions: The warranty applies for 12 months from the date of purchase to manufacturing faults and defects to the timber frame. The timber is warranted against splitting, provided the item has not been scratched or abraded.
Proof of purchase with date is required for warranty claims.

Warranty Exclusions: Fading due to prolonged weather exposure to the timber frame and seat sling fabric or damage to the timber frame and seat sling through accident, misuse or negligence. The chairs are designed for domestic use and the warranty does not apply to commercial applications. Maximum weight for the Deluxe Deckchair and Deluxe Recliner Deckchair is 120kg. Maximum weight for the Custom Deluxe Deckchair and Custom Deluxe Recliner Deckchair, adapted for increased width, is 150kg.

The Collection

Bevs Chairs is the Hibiscus Coast home of the patented design know as NZ's Unique Rocker Deckchair Collection. Find out all you need to know about these sensational chairs.

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